Wana Brands partners with New York edibles company

BOULDER — Wana Brands, a Boulder-based maker of edible cannabis products, has struck a deal to expand its line of cannabis-infused offerings.

Wana Brands, a trade name for Mountain High Products LLC, has partnered with Azuca, a brand of New York-based SRE Wellness Inc., a developer of all-natural, fast-acting cannabis edibles.

“Azuca is the perfect partner to help us expand our portfolio to meet all the various needs of edibles consumers, many of whom are demanding more predictability and faster effectiveness,” Nancy Whiteman, CEO of Wana Brands, said in a prepared statement.

Azuca’s TiME Infusion process makes individual CBD or THC molecules water-friendly, allowing for faster uptake, beginning immediately in the mouth and avoiding the gut and liver where cannabinoids such as THC are degraded and absorption is slowed, the company said.

The process allows for more-rapid absorption, with effect in two to 15 minutes after consumption, rather than the more-typical 90 minutes.

“The partnership with Wana Brands allows us to bring our fast-acting culinary technology to a large universe of cannabis consumers for a more controlled and positive experience,” said Azuca president and CEO Kim Rael. “We look forward to long term growth and success.”