The Adoption Of Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaas)

A current trend in the marketplace is rapid adoption of cloud-based phone systems.  Due to availability and reliability of bandwidth, businesses are quickly moving to cloud-based phone systems –called Unified Communication-as-a-Service (UCaaS).  Phone systems are no longer confined to traditional phone lines, the aging PBX in the closet and “old-school” features/functionality lists.  UCaaS combines voice, video, web-conferencing, text, team-messaging, presence, document sharing/collaboration, application integration and more, through a single solution and monthly subscription cost.  Purchasing costly, depreciating equipment is a thing of the past.  According to recent market research, experts are predicting almost 25% year over year growth for the UCaaS market which means almost 75% of businesses will migrate away from traditional phone systems to cloud-based communications by 2024.  Some benefits to migrating to UCaaS include:

  1. Unified corporate communications – regardless of device or location, employees can communicate through a single, easy-to-use, reliable platform. 
  2. Simplification of multi-location management – implementing, maintaining and managing phone systems at multiple locations is challenging, cumbersome and expensive.  By having the entire communication platform in the cloud, phone systems can be managed by non-IT people through a simple webpage interface. 
  3. Flexes with your business – whether you’re growing or consolidating your business to meet demands of the marketplace, it’s important to have business systems that are easy to change and flexible to work with…UCaaS allows you use/pay for what you need.
  4. Reduces infrastructure and management costs – when implementing on-premise phone systems, it’s critical to evaluate all costs.  Hardware, software, licensing, warranties, phone line costs, implementation costs and ongoing support costs add up quickly.  UCaaS solutions consolidate these costs by reducing/removing up-front hardware expense, eliminating phone lines and long-distance plans.  They include support of the system and continual updating/maintenance.  They also include/combine other technologies that you may be subscribing to separately (team-messaging/webconferencing/eFax solutions/call center software/etc.)
  5. Connects mobile/remote workers – regardless of location or device, users with access to an internet or cellular connection can communicate through shared business platforms. 
  6. Instant access to the latest features – because UCaaS is a cloud-based service, as features and functionality are enhanced, those are available immediately to all users.

At Connecting Point, we only provide industry-leading solutions to our clients.  In the UCaaS space, RingCentral continues to be the industry leader across all segments of the marketplace.  If you want to learn more about UCaaS, RingCentral specifically, or need help evaluating the costs/implementation of this technology, we can help.