Celebrate Philanthropy with the Community Foundation on May 2

As part of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado’s mission to inspire and unify communities served, we host an annual event to celebrate the impact of philanthropy in Northern Colorado. Our region is fortunate to have hundreds of incredible nonprofits and thousands of generous donors and volunteers.

The 2019 Celebration of Philanthropy is Thursday, May 2 at the Embassy Suites Loveland.

This year’s program includes recognition of two impactful Northern Colorado families, and a keynote address from Katie Kramer, president of the Boettcher Foundation.

The Community Legacy Award will be presented to the Gallegos Family (Fort Collins) for demonstrating a multi-generation commitment to philanthropy. The Hammond Family (Loveland) will be honored with our Founders Award for their leadership in philanthropy and development of the Foundation.

For three generations, the Gallegos Family has built its business on community partnerships and meaningfully giving back to a wide variety of charitable causes. Since Edward, Art, Jerry and Rudy began in 1959, Gallegos Sanitation has provided waste removal and has established the company as an innovative leader in safety, service, and sustainability. The company models and teaches the importance of giving back, not only to the family members, but also to its employees.

The Hammond family has been an enduring part Loveland since the 1960s, both as dedicated volunteers for numerous organizations and as philanthropists. Lynn and Norma have had a meaningful impact on Loveland – from Thompson Valley Schools to Rotary to High Plains Arts Council. The pair was so instrumental in the city of Loveland’s amphitheater by Loveland High School that the venue was named the Norma and Lynn Hammond Amphitheater after them. They have also been champions of the Foundation and members of our Loveland Generations giving group.

Keynote speaker Katie Kramer has come full-circle with the Boettcher Foundation. She was selected as a Boettcher Scholar in 1993 and has been at Boettcher in various roles since 1997, including as the director of the scholarship program and vice president — a title she assumed at the age of 26. In 2016, she was promoted to president and CEO. She is passionate about education, and has served extensively on both local and national boards

We share a common goal for Northern Colorado – to make it, and keep it, an extraordinary place to live, work, and raise our families; and to take pride each time we answer the question, “Where are you from?” Behind that pride stand people with big hearts, committed to making our way of life possible. They are the visionaries who invest in our future by supporting, contributing, and collaborating.

This is philanthropy. And it's worth celebrating.

Please join us and learn about the amazing things happening in Northern Colorado.

 For additional information and to purchase tickets: https://www.nocofoundation.org/acop#details