Colorado has thousands of jobs in energy efficient sectors

Colorado has more than 32,000 “energy efficiency jobs,” according to a new report form E4TheFuture, an energy efficiency nonprofit.

The “Energy Efficiency Jobs in America” report considers energy efficiency jobs to be those that deal in the delivery of goods and services that lower energy use with improving technologies, appliances, buildings and energy systems.

In Colorado, energy efficient jobs counted for 10 percent of all construction jobs and 21 percent of all energy sector jobs. Of the 32,000 energy efficient jobs in the state, about half of them dealt with HVAC. Just more than 5,000 were involved with building materials and insulation and 10,000 worked with Energy Star appliances and efficient lighting.

There are 5,825 energy efficiency businesses in the state, according to the report, and half of them employ just one to five employees. About 38 percent have six to 19 employees, 11 percent have 20 to 99 and just 3 percent have more than 100 employees. What is more, 12 percent of those in Colorado who have energy efficient jobs are veterans.

While Colorado has a significant amount of energy efficient jobs, it wasn’t in the ranking’s top 10 states. California, the No. 1 state for energy efficiency jobs, had more than 310,000 jobs in the sector. Texas, at No. 2, had nearly 155,000 and No. 3 New York had more than 117,000. Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia rounded out the top 10. Virginia had more than 76,000 jobs in the sector.

Environmental Engineers, a national and nonpartisan group that advocates policies good for the economy and environment, worked with E4TheFuture on the report.