Ryan and Lindsey Cunningham, co-founders of Rollingreens, with their line of millet tots. (Photo courtesy Rollingreens.)

Rollingreens sells tots nationwide, looks to raise $500,000 in capital

BOULDER — A company that started as one of Boulder’s first organic food trucks in the 1980s and revamped into making the first non-potato whole-grain tots are now rolling their products out nationwide.

Rollingreens, which makes tater tots without the taters and with millet instead, can now be found in nearly 1,000 stores nationwide. The company is only halfway through its U.S. takeover, however, with plans to be in 1,000 more stores in the next six to nine months, CEO and co-founder Lindsey Cunningham told BizWest.

Rollingreens started making its tots when it was looking for a whole-grain alternative to starchy potatoes. It settled on millet, a whole grain that easily absorbs flavor — perfect for the company’s flavors of sea salt, Italian herbs and sweet and spicy. Cunningham said millet also allows for a fluffy interior and crunchy exterior.

“Tater tots are one of the most nostalgic foods out there,” she said. “People love the crunch, and we think ours is crunchier while also being healthier. We’re achieving it with no binders, fillers or high sodium. We still give it that feel but with a healthier twist. We give you that umami sensation in your mouth, but it’s in a guiltless, better-for-you food.”

To support its nationwide rollout — in stores like Whole Foods, Kroger and H.E.B. — Rollingreens is raising $500,000 in a convertible note offering.

“That will help with our growth,” Cunningham said. “Getting to the $2 million to $3 million in sales point will be our biggest growth spurt and we need the funds to support that.”

She added that in addition to its retail products, Rollingreens is also entering the food service business, with its tots fried to order at Whole Foods’ hot bars and in fast casual restaurants.

The funding will go to supporting that market segment, continuing its national rollout and increasing its marketing and brand awareness.

“We’re breaking down barriers and educating people on this incredible grain,” she said. “And we’re not stopping with millet tots. We have new innovations we’re working on throughout the frozen categories, all plant based. We’re excited to roll out our new innovations.”