The CUE Business Dashboard, from CUE Marketplace, is a one-stop shop platform where small businesses can manage and operate the software needed for their company. (Photo courtesy CUE Marketplace)

Boulder-based software marketplace launches new feature

BOULDER  — CUE Marketplace, a one-stop shop for recommending and purchasing all the software a small business might need, has released a new feature, the CUE Business Dashboard.

Through the Dashboard, CUE customers can now operate any software purchased through CUE in one place, including managing all their payment information in one spot as well as operating tools like outbound marketing and communication, analytics and, soon, social media.

CUE, which provides research on different software tools small businesses might need, was looking for a way to diversify itself from larger research sites.

“We’re not trying to replicate other research sites out there but offer as much as possible,” said Sean Glynn, president and chief operating officer of CUE, in an interview with BizWest. “We’re really trying to get to the core functions of running a small business and offer the best in breed, vetting and putting software through an extensive process we then pass onto customers and allow them to manage it all through our dashboard.”

CUE, which has been around only for two years, launched its website in November and has since quickly ramped up to releasing its Dashboard. The goal with CUE is to save small businesses time and money: By using the marketplace, it can save the time of individually researching which HR, outbound communication or marketing software to use, among other needs. Customers can also save money by bundling their selections and purchasing through the marketplace.

Looking ahead, CUE plans to add social media management tools to its Dashboard next. It’s also looking to target the cannabis space and help those companies grow their businesses.

Through the Dashboard, Glynn said the company is looking to help companies manage their business and focus on what they most want to do.

“The overall trend with software as a service, such as the proliferation of these tools, is it’s now important to have trusted sources of information when purchasing,” Glynn said. “Our platform helps you manage it all in one place and puts the entrepreneur’s needs first. We’re here to help small businesses succeed and get off the ground.”