What to consider before your child goes back to college

As the school year approaches, for many young adults this means going back to college. To ensure your college student has a worry-free year, below are a few tips to consider before the school year begins:

· Renters insurance. If your college student is living on campus, their possessions should most likely be covered under the family homeowner’s insurance policy. However, if your child will be living off-campus renters insurance will safeguard their possessions in the event of damage, stolen or loss. Many property managers will require proof of renters insurance in order to finalize a lease.

· Value of personal property. In the age of technology, a student’s personal belongings can be extensive and very expensive. Should items be damaged or stolen, it is important to have well documented value of each item.

· Car insurance. Your child should still be covered under the family automobile policy however; attending an out out-of-state college may change the rate. You will also want to verify that the current auto insurance policy meets the new state’s insurance requirements.

Before your student leaves for college, we recommend speaking with your insurance agent or broker to make them are aware of any changes.