Operator of embattled Denver golf course extends lease despite lawsuit

DENVER — The operator of a golf course that was going to be sold to the city but is now going through litigation has decided it doesn’t want to give up control of the course while the lawsuit is ongoing.

Arcis Golf, the Dallas-based company that manages the 90-year old Park Hill Golf Course, renewed its 5-year lease with landowner Clayton Foundation, reports BusinessDen. 

Arcis and Clayton have been in a lawsuit in April over the course — a lease stipulation was supposed to give Arcis a right of first refusal to buy the land after a “bona fide” offer. However, Clayton says that right of first refusal doesn’t apply because the deal with the city wasn’t consummated with the signatures of the mayor and City Council, and therefore isn’t bona fide.

In September, Denver revealed its intention to buy the golf course for $20.5 million however that deal was put on hold in November by Arcis.

The lawsuit is ongoing.