Front Range Geriatric Medicine

The Greatest Generation has been into their senior years for some time.  Baby Boomers are now eyeing their entrance into this new chapter of life.  Our senior years represent a major life change.  But just as these two generations chose to actively transform their lives, we fully expect they will not settle for living their older years lying down.  We are seeing and expect to see these industrious seniors transform what it means to get older.

At Front Range Geriatric Medicine, we believe life does not close down during our senior years.  Far from it.  We believe the late years of life will continue to provide activity, entertainment, fulfillment, fun, and happiness.  But underpinning all of those is health.

Drs. Rebecca Jackson and Faraz Naqvi, along with our team of; nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, and mental health professionals have a singular mission:  to provide the best healthcare available to the senior population so they can worry less about their health and focus more on their lives.  Senior medical care is all we do.  And we love it!

Currently, Front Range Geriatric Medicine focuses primarily on those who either find themselves temporarily away from their homes for rehabilitation, or those who have moved to a new home providing more accessible care and assistance.  These transition points in medical care can be challenging.  We have found close management and oversight helps to safely spirit our patients through these times allowing them to get back to living life as they want.  Our attention to the cutting edge medical protocols and use of the latest technologies helps to offer care to our patients considered the best available.

At Front Range Geriatric Medicine we realize that seniors want to live fulfilling lives on their own terms.  It is our job to make sure this happens.