Simuwatt receives approval for federal building contracts

BOULDER — Simuwatt Inc., a Boulder-based clean-tech company that helps managers audit their building’s energy use, was approved to be on the Multiple Award Schedule by the U.S. General Services Administration, making it eligible for federal contracts.

Getting approval was a months-long process, Simuwatt’s chief executive, CEO Oliver Davis, told Bizwest, adding that he hired someone whose dedicated role was submitting the paperwork to get on the schedule.

“This allows a broad market of potential customers to buy our application that in the past couldn’t procure it from us directly,” Davis said.”It’s a big opportunity for us.”

The Energy Independence Security Act mandates that one out of four federal buildings be audited every year. Currently, that requires federal building managers to hire outside auditors to come in and audit the energy usage of a building.

Davis said that with his company approved, those various building managers can now contract with Simuwatt instead. Because Simuwatt has an easy-to-learn platform that allows managers to learn how to audit the building themselves rather than hire an outside party to do it, it will save them time and money.

“Our intent is to make it easy for building managers within federal buildings to use our energy audit themselves instead of hiring someone else for an arm and a leg,” Davis said.

Simuwatt has approval to be on the Schedule until 2023 and is not limited in the federal contracts it can have during that time. Davis added that the company has already started to get inquiries.

“It’s not a trivial task to get onto the Schedule,” he said. “There’s a lot of leg work to get approved. There’s a reason not a lot of companies are on the Schedule that provide similar services. We really provide a vehicle for agencies and building managers to perform the mandated audit requirement at a lower cost and allow them to use that budget for other things they made need for building performance.”