Why CPA Firms Dislike Processing Payroll

Last year, a Fort Collins CPA accounting firm concluded that although they loved their business clients, they wanted to transition the payroll processing out of the accounting firm. They decided to outsource that aspect of their business to Payroll Vault.

During a recent conversation, they remarked this was their best tax season and they had a jump on preparing business taxes due to outsourcing payroll. Additionally, like many accounting firms, they were losing money preparing payroll.

As their payrolls became more complex, it required increasingly more of the CPA’s and lead bookkeeper’s time. At the most crucial time of the year, payroll was taking them away from supporting their clients with valuable tax and bookkeeping work.

Payroll Vault was able to provide benefit for the firm’s clients with other services such as pay-as-you-go workers comp, which saved their clients money and was much more convenient. They also offered timesheet upload automation and web-based time keeping. Their clients appreciated having a dedicated payroll professional available to answer their questions and work through issues. In the end, the accounting firm was able to be more responsive to their clients and the clients were happy with the change.

Discuss with your CPA if they are happy doing payroll. Payroll Vault can be a great solution to making things better for businesses and CPAs when it comes to payroll processing. Give me a call and I’m happy to discuss all of our services.