Care Managers Help Seniors and Their Families

Being a caregiver for an older adult can be challenging.  Knowing how to navigate the health care system is crucial.  This is especially true as health care becomes ever more complex.  A care manager is a trained professional who can assess, advocate, and coordinate a loved one’s care.  Making the complex… simple; is their forte.

A care manager can have several different roles.  They focus on helping their clients and families navigate specific diseases or conditions.  They may help clients with a wide gamut from paying bills, to taking medications, to making doctor appointments. The care manager’s primary role is to help the client and their families navigate care and to have the best information as they make decisions.

Senior care can certainly be confusing.  Whenever possible, the help of a care manager can be vital to the journey.  The care managers’ job is really to facilitate communication and care for the needs of seniors. They are hands on, but also have a wealth of knowledge and experience to rely upon. They are often the missing piece in the care puzzle.

While care managers are a great resource for families, we also recommend a resource guide, Answers on Aging, from the Office on Aging for Larimer County. It outlines care available in the area, including; care facilities, activities for seniors, and support groups for family caregivers. While the guide itself might not be able to give advice and solve specific problems, it provides abundant people and places for seniors and their families to turn for help.

You are not alone.  Caregiving for an older adult is not always easy. There are resources for care and support. The earlier you start looking into those resources, the easier things will be.  A care manager will be your best partner in the journey.