ChargaCard payment platform launches beta test

BOULDER — Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp. (CSE: NITE), a Boulder-based blockchain technologies company and recent graduate of the Boomtown accelerator, is beta-testing its ChargaCard payment app.

ChargaCard’s software system allows recurring billing, business-to-consumer financing and risk-management services as a way to bypass third-party financial institutions and credit cards. Installment payments from consumer to business can be automated. Service providers can use it to provide lines of credit to clients, flexible payment plans and zero percent interest rates. ChargaCard can also help businesses recover past-due invoices.

The private beta test will run through May 1.

“ChargaCard’s philosophy is simple: we want to help the millions of Americans who have been prevented from seeking legal or professional services because of low credit scores, while creating a sustained and healthy revenue stream for small businesses who would otherwise not be able to work with these clients because of the perceived risk,” Maria Eagleton, co-founder of ChargaCard, said in a prepared statement. “ChargaCard represents a more practical, compassionate approach, and we’re very proud of our work.”

ChargaCard will be rolled out in select states. ChargaCard is a wholly-owned business of Cryptanite.