Techstars Boulder announces its 12th class lineup

BOULDER — Techstars Boulder has selected its 12th class of 10 companies to go through its accelerator program.

The lineup includes a mix of companies from Colorado, California, Minnesota, Tennessee, France and the United Kingdom. Founders from the companies represent seven different countries. Forty percent of the CEOs in this year’s class are from demographics that are under-represented in the early stage startup ecosystem.

The 10 companies are:

Avvay — a startup from Nashville that helps creative talent find and book locations to enable their projects and events to come to life.

BubbleIQ — a Boulder-based company that enables IT, customer support and HR teams to better serve customers and employees by connecting helpdesk systems to chat tools.

Dynepic — from Charleston, S.C., this startup empowers app, hardware, wearable and smart toy makers to create kid-safe and privacy-certified social features.

Flex — this London-based startup enables fitness enthusiasts to get a bodyweight workout experience from home.

Geospiza — a Denver company that helps emergency managers and elected officials utilize big data and use it during emergency and disaster situations.

Goally — another Denver company, this startup empowers kids with developmental challenges to live independent and stress-free lives.

Krak — a Paris-based startup that connects people in sports like snowboarding and rock climbing to community and products to aid them in their recreation.

Ordermark — based in Los Angeles, this company helps restaurants streamline online ordering to attract a larger customer base.

Player’s Health — from Minneapolis, this business helps sports organizations manage risk and control liability by offering risk management services and insurance.

Walkthrough — a Denver startup that helps agents and homebuyers eliminate the need for home tours by offering a virtual experience.