Zayo Group adds new service for network customers

BOULDER — Zayo Group Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ZAYO) has launched its software-defined wide area network.

The wide-area network is a way for companies to privately and securely exchange information between locations, such as between a headquarters and corporate offices. By offering a software-defined option, it makes the management of the network easier and more cost effective, said Amanda Tierney, executive vice president of enterprise networks for Zayo.

“Zayo already has a robust portfolio of WAN solutions we’ve had good traction with,” Tierney told BizWest. “Before we launched our SD-WAN, we had a number of different products and types of solutions to support a WAN. Enterprise companies could choose from flavors, like IP-based or ethernet-based options. Lots of competitors don’t offer those solutions.”

But Tierney said Zayo wanted to offer up another option, so it launched its SD-WAN. With it, customers can mix technologies together in their wide area network and have the whole network perform like a single private network.

Practically speaking, Tierney said it means customers can connect to more locations easily and cost-effectively. Historically, connecting small or remote locations would be expensive, but a SD-WAN provides a more cost-effective route to connecting a private network.

There is also added security and customers can have greater control over their network, managing traffic and prioritizing the way they do so.

Finally, Tierney said with the new offering customers can connect to Zayo’s customer portal and manage and control their networks themselves.

Not only does the new service have benefits for customers, but it helps Zayo.

“This is significant for Zayo because it really adds value to our existing product portfolio,” Tierney said. “There are a number products we already offer and applying SD-WAN gives our customers a higher performing and more valuable existing product portfolio, adding ease of network management and cost-effectiveness.”