Honey, I shrunk the anemometer

LONGMONT — Husband-and-wife company Anemoment LLC has developed a new ultralight 3-D wind sensor.

This anemometer, or wind sensor, from Longmont husband-and-wife duo Anemoment LLC, is just 9 centimeters by 9 centimeters.

Elizabeth Osborn is chief executive of Anemoment, which makes meteorological instruments. Her husband, Stephen, is chief technology officer.

Together, the company is releasing a line of products called TriSonica, “whisper-weight” sensors that are only 50 grams and are 9 centimeters by 9 centimeters by 5 centimeters.

“Our original product idea, which we started working on in 2005, was to take the scientific features of a three-dimensional anemometer (wind sensor) and put them into the commercial anemometer space,” Stephen Osborn said in a prepared statement. “The challenge was to shrink down a 3-D anemometer without compromising accuracy and sample rates. We actually had to wait on technology to catch up in order to obtain microcontrollers small enough and fast enough to perform all calculations a product like this requires. As a result, the TriSonica Mini is as compact as we can make it with the transducer technology and circuitry technology that’s available today.”

The company is releasing the TriSonica Mini and the TriSonica Mini Weather Station. The TriSonica Mini is ideal for mobile situations and small spaces and can measure how fast wind is blowing and from which direction and its temperature. The Weather Station can provide those measurements as well as moisture in the air, dew point and other features.

The TriSonica Mini retails for $1,250, and the TriSonica Mini Weather Station retails for $1,350.



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