Jobless rates in region, state increase in October

DENVER — The unemployment rates in Boulder, Larimer, Weld and Broomfield counties increased in October compared to September, but were the same or lower than a year ago, according to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s monthly jobs report released Friday.

Rates in Boulder and Larimer counties increased four-tenths of a percentage point to 2.3 percent in October, up from 1.9 percent for September, while Weld and Broomfield counties’ unemployment rate increased three-tenths of a percentage point month to month, up to 2.5 percent in Broomfield County and 2.4 percent in Weld.

In October of last year, rates were 2.3 percent in Boulder County, 2.4 percent in Larimer County, 2.6 percent in Broomfield County and 2.8 percent in Weld County.

In Boulder, 186,737 people held jobs in October while 4,398 were looking for work, according to the report. Larimer County had 196,446 people working with 4,552 seeking work. Weld County had 156,301 people employed with 3,851 seeking a job, and Broomfield County had 37,008 workers and 960 people looking for a job.

According to a survey of households, the unemployment rate in Colorado increased two-tenths of a percentage point from September to October to 2.7 percent.

The national unemployment rate decreased one-tenth of a percentage point in October to 4.1 percent.