PitLiquor is a Loveland-made all-natural deodorant that uses whiskey and natural scents.

Loveland-based whiskey deodorant startup meets Kickstarter goal

LOVELAND — PitLiquor, the whiskey-based deodorant startup that launched a Kickstarter to release its first line of products, met its goal.

The company was looking to raise $12,000 and has generated $14,948 at time of publication, with 368 backers and 12 days left in its campaign.

To celebrate that it met its goal, the company is adding a new product to its line of three different whiskey-herbal blends. PitLiquor will develop an unscented vodka-based deodorant that will become part of its permanent product line.

The startup said in its Nov. 8 announcement that additional funds raised will go to obtaining patents, a process the company has already started. Other reach goals — goals beyond the original $12,000 — include more streamlined packaging, more earth-friendly packaging and new scents.

PitLiquor also announced that as a gift to donors who are Line Backers — $100 or more — it would be giving a champagne-based deodorant.