Kindara taking investments in equity crowdfunding campaign

BOULDER — Kindara, the tech company that develops tools to help women track their fertility, is officially accepting investments through its Series A equity crowdfunding.

The company announced that it was raising funds from nonaccredited investors through a Regulation A+ offering in June, and that SeedInvest would be the platform it used.

Since then, the company had been accepting reservations for investments and have now gotten the approval to start collecting investments.

“With over 1.4 million downloads, our community has proven how passionate they are about Kindara,” said Kindara CEO Ira Hernowitz, in a prepared statement. “Almost half of new investments are going toward funding the development of exciting new technologies and product enhancements for the Kindara Community. New tools and resources are in the pipeline that will continue to keep Kindara positioned as the leader in the femtech fertility space, with many of these new technologies currently in late-stage development and ready for retail next quarter.”

The company has announced four new features it’s unveiling. The first is a premium version of its app, where members can subscribe to more data and customization. Kindara is also offering up a new version of its Wink basal body temperature thermometer in early 2018 at a lower price than its previous iteration. As previously announced, Kindara has partnered with Helix, a genomics company, that will have an at-home DNA test that can sync with the fertility app. And Kindara is also going to start offering fertility coaching, in partnership with SymptoPro and fertility education instructors.

Kindara’s current investment round will cap at $3 million. Minimum investments start at $1,000.

“With so many exciting new opportunities and the proven passion of our existing and still growing community,”  Hernowitz said, “we expect this investment round to fuel the growth that we are so excited about.”