New GM for KUNC and the Colorado Sound radio stations

GREELEY — KUNC FM and 105.5 Colorado Sound will have a new general manager, as president and CEO Neil Best steps away from day-to-day management to focus on big-picture projects.

Jamie Wood, chief operations officer and a nine-year employee of the NPR-affiliated radio station, will serve as general manager as well as COO, Best told BizWest.

“She has demonstrated strong leadership capabilities, and more importantly she has a great vision, which she and I share, for what our role as a public broadcasting station should be to serve the community,” Best said.

Meanwhile, Best said he would work closely with Wood while she manages day-to-day operations and he has the freedom to work on other major issues, such as getting grants for its news coverage and increasing listener engagement.

One project he is working on is the two-year grant KUNC received for covering issues related to the Colorado River Water Basin. Because the basin extends all the way to Mexico, Best said he is working on getting the reporting KUNC has been doing shared to other stations in Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona.

“Our staff has grown considerably over the last few years,” Best said. “This is the right step for us to ensure we continue to do a good job to our listening community.”