Boulder Chamber lists ballot issue stances

BOULDER — The Boulder Chamber has announced its positions on the 2017 ballot measures. In a press release detailing the positions, President and CEO John Tayer said the positions resulted from “significant debate” and reflect the Boulder Chamber’s “appreciation for prudent investments in the infrastructure and programs that strengthen our community.”

“At the same time, we take a strong stand for accountability in the expenditure of tax-generated resources, which is reflected in our positions on the municipalization effort and the Cultural & Community Safety Tax,” Tayer said.

The positions:

Boulder County Ballot Issue 1A: Worthy Cause sales tax — Support. “The … tax has contributed to strengthening Boulder County’s human services safety net for the past 17 years and has facilitated greater investment in a range of services that support our workforce and their families.”

City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2M and 2N: Community, Culture & Safety Tax for Capital Improvements and Debt Authority — Support. The extension of the tax will benefit a broad cross section through projects that address infrastructure deficiencies and quality of life needs, the chamber said, and bonding authority will allow the City of Boulder to deliver the projects quicker and more immediately meet community needs. The chamber did suggest steps that the city take to ensure appropriate oversight of the tax revenue allocation and to meet future capital obligations. Specifically, the chamber called for a citizen oversight committee and efforts to devise future city budgets that set aside greater capital resources so as to avoid dependence on voter-approved tax measures.

City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2L: Extend & Raise the Utility Occupation Tax that Funds Municipalization — Oppose. The chamber supports efforts to achieve carbon reduction and increase renewable energy use, but believes “the municipalization effort has failed to achieve expected milestones and the results of the Public Utilities Commission hearings have indicated significant uncertainty about its future success. This uncertainty has been compounded by time and cost estimates that are continually exceeding all projections.” The chamber believes there may be more effective means to achieve the city’s climate goals and therefore it’s time to consider an alternative path.

Boulder County Ballot Question 1B: Sheriff Term Limit Extension — Support

Boulder County Ballot Question 1C: Authorization to Provide Broadband Services — Support

City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2O: Charter Change Requiring Vote Pre-Acquisition — Support

City of Boulder Ballot Question 2P: Extension of Council’s Authority to Conduct Executive Sessions: Oppose.

Additional information can be found on the chamber’s website.