Door to Door Organics shut down just a month after launching a new curated meal service.

Door to Door Organics launches curated meal service

LOUISVILLE — Door to Door Organics, an online grocery and delivery service, is expanding into meal kits.

But the company is offering its own spin on the idea — which has several other brands competing in the space — by letting customers choose what recipes they want to make based on their shopping history with Door to Door Organics, and then sending them everything they need based on their custom order.

“We’re different from other meal delivery services,” CEO Mike Demko told BizWest. “We’re an only grocery and with our subscription model every week you get a curated box of produce and market items like meat, seafood and dairy. A meal kit company tells you this is the meal and you get no flexibility. We allow a mom to pick from any number of meals, with the flexibility to say if she wants taco night every Tuesday and wants to introduce the kids to something new on Thursday. We provide the mom with the ingredients to put that meal on the table.”

Demko said the decision to plan meal deliveries this way stemmed from talking to customers and learning that they wanted a more time-efficient way of grocery shopping. Because of that, Door to Door made the decision to recommend recipes based on what is already in customers’ shopping carts.

The Louisville-based company launched the services on the East Coast in the past week, offering it between northern New Jersey and northern Virginia out of its Philadelphia offices. Over the next few weeks, it plans to roll out the service in other markets, including Colorado.

To prepare for the expanded service, Door to Door had to make sure it had the right inventory on board for its recipes and had the operational back-end set-up to ensure quality customer service.

So far, Demko said the reaction has been positive, with customers appreciating the time they can save on meal planning and purchasing groceries.

Looking ahead, he plans to add to 1,000 recipes Door to Door has available and allow for customers to upload their own recipes.

“We want to make it easy to discover and expand the breadth of our catalog,” he said. “So far, we’re seeing great growth.”