Who are you going to pay to spend time with your children?

The CEO of a large public company recently started a speech with this opening line. What a powerful question! Many tasks can be outsourced; spending time with your family cannot. As small business owners, we have to make decisions every day on how to invest our time, including family time.

Paying your team timely and accurately is very important. However, do YOU need to spend your valuable time performing that task? Last year, a local painting contractor outsourced his payroll processing. to Payroll Vault. In prior years, he did his own payroll using a popular accounting software.

When asked if he was happy he outsourced, he said, “Yes! You think preparing payroll doesn’t take much time, but it does.”

Inc Magazine recently cited payroll and payroll tax filings as one of the top 3 tasks that should be immediately outsourced. Call me today to see how we can help you free up valuable time!