New co-working space catering to women’s needs opens in Denver

DENVER — A new women-focused co-working space is opening in Northeast Denver.

Women in Kind, which opens Monday, is a co-working space that is open to everyone but is female-driven, reports Business Den. 

“Women in Kind is for people who want a co-working space, but don’t want the bro coworking environment,” co-founder Mel Ulle told Business Den.

The two-floor building is 6.000 square feet and west of the Park Hill Golf Course.

The co-founders Ulle and Virginia Santy told Business Den that the building is meant to suit everyone, including women. While many office spaces unintentionally tend to be too cold for women because the A/C is calibrated using a formula catered to male bodies, Women in Kind have an option for cooler spaces downstairs and warmer upstairs. The location was selected to be near Stapleton to cater to women working in the neighborhood. The space also has designated rooms for breastfeeding mothers.

And perhaps most importantly, half of the downstairs area is a play space for children, so working parents don’t have to choose between their kids and work.

The office can accommodate 66 people and has signed 18 people so far, with three of the five private offices still available. For access to a desk and common area, Women in Kind is charging $295 a month.