State provides online portal for insurance complaints

DENVER – The Colorado Division of Insurance has launched an online system for consumers to submit their insurance complaints.

The division’s Consumer Complaint Portal gives consumers the ability to state their complaints as well as allowing them to upload supporting documents, including policies, letters or other communications from insurance companies or agents.

Consumers are notified by email any time there is activity on the complaint that requires a consumer’s attention.

The division’s Consumer Services section recovers millions of dollars for consumers every year because of the complaints that are filed.  Last fiscal year, from July 2016 to through June 2017, more than $8 million was recovered.

The Consumer Complaint Portal can be accessed through the division’s  main web page,, Under the section “For Consumers” – click on “Ask a Question / File a Complaint / Access Portal.” It can also be accessed on DORA’s “Take 5 to Get Wise” website,, specifically the pages for health insurance and property and casualty insurance.

The portal will require users to set up an account with an email address. Once the account is created, additional information will be requested that will allow the DOI to properly investigate the individual complaint.


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