Left Hand Robotics Inc. seeks $1.4 million in capital

LONGMONT — Left Hand Robotics Inc. has raised $400,000 in capital and is seeking $1 million more.

The Longmont-based robotics company, which was founded in 2016, filed an amendment for a Form D filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Left Hand did not return requests for comment.

To raise its $1.4 million goal, the company is offering debt, security options and debt securities convertible into equity securities. The form was filed on July 31.

Left Hand, led by chief executive Terry Olkin, has developed the SnowBot Pro, according to its website. The self-driving robot plows snow from walkways using a four-foot rotating brush. It has sensors to detect any obstacles and follows a programmed path using GPS.

The company says the SnowBot should be available during winter later this year or early next year.



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