SolidFire founding member launches new cybersecurity company

BOULDER — Automox, a startup that provides patch security, announced its launch Tuesday with one of the founders of SolidFire as chief executive and $1.3 million of financing in the bank.

Automox offers a fully automated platform capable of patching — updating a computer program or data to fix or improve it — any operating system or any software in any location. The goal is to help customers avoid any new threats that can come up with maintaining patch security.

Automox is launching with its founder Jay Prassi at the helm. Prassi helped found SolidFire, a Boulder-based flash-storage and software-development company. SolidFire was acquired by NetApp in 2015 for $870 million.

“Patching is the single most impactful security action you can take,” Prassi said in a prepared statement. “Keeping systems and software consistently patched can reduce your attack surface by up to 90 percent. With those odds you would think everyone would patch. But the reality is that patching in a complex and geographically dispersed environment is extremely difficult, costly and time consuming.”

Automox says it can simplify that process and provide the protection needed to protect a system and keep it compliant with cyber-insurance guidelines.

Automox is launching with $1.3 million in financing. The round was led by Colorado’s BlueNote Ventures. Other investors such as Zelkova Ventures, of New York, and Firebrand Ventures, of Kansas, also participated.