Median home prices in Loveland/Berthoud, Estes Park up in June

LOVELAND — The median sale prices of single-family homes in the Loveland/Berthoud and Estes Park markets edged up slightly in June compared with May, while median prices in the rest of the markets that make up Northern Colorado and the Boulder Valley declined, according to a report released Monday by Information Real Estate Services Inc., a multiple-listing service based in Loveland.

The median home price in the Loveland/Berthoud market increased to $355,000 during June, up from $350,000 in May, while the price in Estes Park reached $500,000, up from $468,000.

There were 240 sales from 756 listings in Loveland/Berthoud during June with an average number of days on the market of 69, similar to 70 in the previous month.

In Estes Park, there were 23 sales from 174 listings. Number of days on the market held steady from month to month at 106.

The median price in Boulder exceeded $1 million in May, but it dropped to $912,800 in June, based on 62 sales from 228 listings with an average number of days at 62, up from 50 days in May.

The median price in Fort Collins dropped slightly in June compared with May — $395,000, down from $395,250. There were 345 sales from 973 listings. The number of listings in June topped the 705 in May and nearly doubled the number of homes listed in January, when there were 487, according to the IRES report.

The median price in Longmont fell to $377,500 in June compared with $415,000 in May. There were 128 sales from 253 listings, and homes were on the market for an average of 37 days, down from 47 days in May.

In the Greeley/Evans market, the median price declined from $277,500 in May to $273,885 in June. There were 192 sales from 328 listings. Number of days on the market in June was 44, down from 48 in May.



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