Kendra Prospero, chief executive and founder of Boulder-based Turning the Corner, says that “one of the most important things a leader can do is to get people to stand in their strength.” Image by Jonathan Castner / For BizWest

To travel world of work, try Turning the Corner

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A combination of services that keep increasing and a good team to deliver them keeps Turning the Corner moving up the success ladder.

Since the company opened in 2011, it has added a new service to help job seekers find dream jobs and companies find dream employees every year. With a primary purpose of matching people with the jobs they’re best suited for and most passionate about, Turning the Corner also has continuously increased ways that it can help companies meet their goals.

Services that target the goals for organizations to hire and keep employees include executive coaching, management training, outplacement plans and human-resources support.

“The No. 1 reason people want out of their jobs is that they don’t feel cared about by their managers,” said Kendra Prospero, chief executive and founder. Unhappy employees complain that they’re either undermanaged or overmanaged — also known as micromanaged.

“Undermanaged” includes not knowing the goals they’re being held accountable for, she said, much less knowing if they’re meeting them.

With employee engagement at a record low, she said, knowing how to provide a work experience that taps into employee drive, innovation and productive passion is vital. “It’s why we do management training,” Prospero said. Courses focus on using emotional intelligence to solve problems and to develop employees.

“One of the most important things a leader can do is to get people to stand in their strength,” she added. Doing that includes making sure they’re in the right job and have the right skills.

She uses the directive as a way to manage her own team, and added that when people are aligned with their team, they care well for each other as well as for their clients. It’s one of the primary ways a company can reach its targeted goals.

The work Turning the Corner does balances equally between helping businesses and helping job seekers, Prospero said.  “We work regularly with about five to seven job seekers a week,” she said, “and about 40 others who are receiving some sort of consulting but not weekly.”

The company also works with about 30 companies yearly. In addition to employee development, Turning the Corner helps companies address issues around having to reduce their workforce but not wanting to leave employees high and dry. The benefits include maintaining positive morale among remaining employees and a demonstration of values that show a company appreciates the dedication of its workers.

The comprehensive services Turning the Corner offers make the company stand out from the crowd, Prospero said.  Most recruiters focus strictly on recruiting, she said, and most career coaches stop short of making sure that clients have the skills necessary to get their next best job. Instead, she said, her company goes beyond the basics and does what it takes to create a workforce that works for everyone.


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