BizWest 500 showcases region’s movers, shakers

What goes into compiling the BizWest 500?

Growth — lots of it, from the 200 companies listed in the Mercury 100 lists of fastest-growing private companies in the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado.

Employee counts, as manifested in our list of the 200 largest private-sector employers in the region, and the 50 largest public-sector employers.

Compensation, as displayed in our ranking of the 25 highest-paid executives of publicly traded companies in the region.

Revenue, as seen in the list of the 25 largest public companies in the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado. (We cheated a little here, continuing to list a couple of companies that have moved to nearby cities such as Denver or Westminster.)

And research — lots and lots of research. Oh, did we mention research?

This edition of BizWest constitutes our second annual BizWest 500, providing data on 500 employers and executives. We’ve been doing many of these lists in some form for years but assembled and expanded them last year into one massive publication. Only in our Book of Lists published at the beginning of the year will readers find information on so many local companies.

Information compiled for the BizWest 500 comes largely from readers, as company officials respond to a wave of surveys from our research department. Some employment estimates come from other publications, company websites, economic-development agencies or other sources.

All data for the Publicly Traded Companies and Highest-Paid Executives lists came from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Of course, we know we’ve missed companies. If you feel that your company should belong on the list of Largest Private-Sector Employers, contact our editor, Chris Wood, at Did we miss a governmental organization? Let us know.

In particular, if your company is experiencing rapid growth next year, be sure to provide your data for the next editions of the Mercury 100s for the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado. That next round will be based on growth from 2015 through 2017.

In the meantime, enjoy this edition of the BizWest 500!

2017 BizWest 500: Highest-Paid Executives, 1-25

2017 BizWest 500: Mercury100 Boulder Valley, 1-100

2017 BizWest 500: Mercury100 Northern Colorado, 1-100

2017 BizWest 500: Private-Sector Employers, 1-200

2017 BizWest 500: Public-Sector Employers, 1-50

2017 BizWest 500: Publicly-Traded Companies, 1-25


Profiles on BizWest 500 Fastest-Growing Companies

Boulder Valley
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Northern Colorado
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