Metro district will manage Lonetree Reservoir in Berthoud

BERTHOUD — The Berthoud Heritage Metropolitan District has entered into a long-term maintenance and management relationship with the Consolidated Home Supply Ditch and Reservoir Co. for the surface and recreation rights of Lonetree Reservoir in Berthoud.  

The lease begins in the summer of 2018. Until that time, the State Division of Parks and Wildlife will continue managing the recreation and surface rights.

“We are thrilled to have been awarded the lease of Lonetree Reservoir,” Jon Turner, the district’s president, said in a prepared statement. “We will keep this amenity open to the public. We have the resources to improve, manage and maintain this reservoir to an elevated level in which we have not seen with the current lessee.”

Lonetree Reservoir, located northwest of the town of Berthoud is an approximately 300-acre reservoir. TPC Colorado, an 18-hole golf course under construction in Berthoud, is situated alongside the Lone Tree, McNiel and Welch reservoirs. It will be equipped with the infrastructure to accommodate a professional tournament.

The district is working with the Consolidated Home Supply Ditch and Reservoir Co. on a management plan for the use and preservation of the reservoir and will be releasing more information in the coming months as the management plan is finalized.

According to Turner, adjacent property owners to the reservoir experience hundreds of instances of trespassers, vandalism and theft on an annual basis due to a lack of oversight.

The district will work with the Larimer County Sheriff during the current lease to try to minimize the ongoing vandalism and trespassing on the surrounding properties.

Metropolitan districts are governmental entities and political subdivisions of the state of Colorado, designed to serve as perpetual quasi-municipal corporations, each operating with an elected five-person board of directors.



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