July 12, 2017

HR Managed Services with Big Fish Payroll Services

Big Fish HR Managed Services is dedicated to making HR and Payroll a simple and integrated solution for new, established, and growing businesses.
Our HR Managed Service is a relationship-based consultancy service.  You’ll get a dedicated HR Consultant who will work with you to build healthy HR practices that keep you compliant and in-the-HR-know.
Your company can benefit from partnering with Big Fish to save money, since you can save 30-60% on HR costs by utilizing this service versus hiring a full-time, in-house HR employee. This is also a fabulous, cost effective alternative to expensive PEOs.
Working with HR Managed Services mitigates your legal and financial risks and allows you to focus on your company’s strategic goals, rather than your administrative woes.
Be strategic, not administrative.

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