July 12, 2017

Employee Handbooks – A Great Tool For All Employers

Whether for profit, non-profit, or public sector, employee handbooks are a great tool that should not be overlooked. Although an employer is not required by law to have an employee handbook, the law affords certain protections to employers who have an effective complaint process when defending a lawsuit from an employee. For these protections to apply, however, the employee must be aware of the complaint process. The best way to inform employees of the complaint process is via an employee handbook, because typically, employees certify they received and reviewed the handbook before their employment starts.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gives suggestions of an effective complaint process. Its full guidance can be reviewed at www.eeoc.gov/policy.docs.harassmnet.html.

Employee handbooks are a wonderful tool so employees know what is expected of them and what they can expect of their employer. Employee handbooks could also save your business from liability.

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