Regenexx moves HQ from Broomfield to Des Moines; hires new CEO

BROOMFIELD — Regenexx, a Broomfield-based company that uses stem cells to alleviate chronic joint pain, has moved its headquarters to Des Moines, Iowa, after merging with Harbor View Medical in that city.

Financial terms of the deal, finalized in May, were not disclosed.

Jason Hellickson will be the chief executive of the new company that will go by the name Regenexx, the tradename for Regeneratives Sciences LLC.

Hellickson became a venture-capital investor in Regenexx after having had a successful Regenexx procedure done on his injured shoulder and lower back. Before joining Regenexx, Hellickson was an executive vice president at Holmes Murphy & Associates, an insurance company based in Des Moines with regional offices, including one in Denver. He retired from that job in 2012.

Regenexx’s research and development, and physician-training classes will continue to operate in Broomfield. Dr. Christopher Centeno, a pioneer of the Regenexx patented procedures, will continue his role as chief medical officer and remain in clinic operations in Broomfield.

According to Regenexx, 70 percent of orthopedic issues currently treated with surgery could instead be handled using regenerative methods. The method injects a patient’s own stem cells or blood platelets to help heal damaged tissues, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, spinal disc or bone.

Regenexx operates in more than 50 clinics throughout the United States. Physicians come to Broomfield to learn the procedures and then return to their clinics to perform procedures. The company has plans to add clinics in major metropolitan areas, including Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia and Charlotte.



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