The 2017 Demo Day is likely to be its last, as the group moves away from a traditional accelerator to focus on more, shorter programs.

MergeLane announced it will no longer run its accelerator

BOULDER — Mergelane, the venture fund and accelerator that focuses on startups with at least one female leader, announced that its Thursday demo day would be the last.

The fund said it would be changing its program from a traditional accelerator to what it’s calling a “funderator,” a mix of fund and accelerator.

MergeLane CEO Sue Heilbronner said rather than continuing its one three-month accelerator with six to eight teams, it would run six to eight programs a year, each eight days long.

“Between this, our venture fund and leadership camp, we hope to reach hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs,” she said at the event. “And so today is our likely our last demo day.”