Fort Collins-Loveland tops’s list of most ‘stable’ housing markets

FORT COLLINS —  In a new report by, the Fort Collins-Loveland market – which reflects all of Larimer County – ranked No. 1 on the organization’s list of “Top 10 Stable, Growing Markets.”

The report, which quotes Fort Collins-based The Group Inc.’s founder Larry Kendall, lauds the economic diversity and relative affordability, pointing out that the median housing price in the Fort Collins area is 40 percent less than in Boulder.

In a press release, The Group said Fort Collins-Loveland measures up well in most of the nine criteria used to determine stability, including price appreciation — “positive, but not out of control” — whether local home construction has recovered from the recession, a low foreclosure rate and low unemployment rate.

Kendall told, “Largely due to its diverse economy, the Fort Collins market has been extremely stable. During the recession, our home prices didn’t fall nearly as much as the rest of the country.” The Group research reveals that specifically, while prices across the United States fell by an average of 34 percent during the Great Recession, local prices slipped just 3.89 percent, according to the Federal Housing Finance Authority.

The list features communities from across the country, with an accent on college towns and state capital cities. After Fort Collins-Loveland, ranked Madison, Wis., No. 2, followed by Durham, N.C.; Honolulu; Greenville, S.C.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; Manchester, N.H.. Salem, Ore.; Oklahoma City; and San Antonio, Texas.

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