The LogRhythm Threat Management Cycle at work.

Cybersecurity firm LogRhythm partners with University of Massachusetts

BOULDER — LogRhythm, a cybersecurity solutions and intelligence company, was selected by a major university to provide centralized network security.

The University of Massachusetts System Office selected the Boulder-based firm for to provide complete security to its network — something made all the more necessary because as a university, there’s a lot of people who have access.

“Universities teach a variety of subject matters that need access to data,” Gene Kingsley, director of UMass’ security operations center, told BizWest. “In many cases, it’s government or private sensitive data. We need to have an open network but protect that network from bad actors. We have to be vigilant and use products like LogRhythm. It’s the nature of education.”

To make that happen, Kingsley said LogRhythm’s tool for threat lifecycle management was ideal: it processed quickly, came with dedicated support, was customizable and gave a world map to where threats were originating.

Kingsley said UMass searched for a solution for more than a year, but that there weren’t many companies that could offer the complete protection LogRhythm was offering.

The LogRhythm threat management cycle provides users with easy visualizations of threats.

Rather than rely on a traditional prevention-based system with just a strong perimeter to block attacks from the outside, LogRhythm says its Threat Lifecycle Management system’s focus is on early detection and response rather than just preventative measures. Its system is better suited for the evolving methods hackers use, and works better for a system such as a university that has many, many users accessing all kinds of data.

“In a university environment, you’ve got a lot of varied infrastructure, and everyone is experimenting with something,” said Chris Brazdziunas, VP of products at LogRhythm. “Universities acquire tech from partners and vendors. There’s a tremendous amount of diversity there. That aligns with LogRhythm, where our strength is our ability to have visibility across that diversity. We’re a good match for universities because of our large breadth of capability.”

And it’s not just the university that will reap the benefit, Brazdziunas said. Having their platform in a university means it’s in a natural incubator for innovation.

“If they find ways to innovate our platform, they could choose to share it with us, and we could share it with our customer base,” he said.

Kingsley said there is no end-date for the contract, and that UMass plans to work with LogRhythm for a long time.