An advertisement from The Farm showing off deals for April 20.

4/20 shows influx of green — cash — for area marijuana businesses

The 4/20 holiday means not only joints are blazing, but so are sales when it comes to companies that sell cannabis or ancillary products.

In fact, sales can more than double on April 20th versus other days, even during that holiday week.

A report from New Frontier Data collected sales in 2015 and 2016 in Washington, where recreational marijuana is also legal. That study shows that in 2016, sales were 30 percent higher on April 20 than on the next-highest day of sale, April 19 — a more than $1 million difference. About three times as much product was sold on April 20 versus the lowest day of sales, Sunday, April 24.

To compete, dispensaries and head shops offer deals akin to what retail stores offer on Black Friday. In Boulder, dispensaries such as Karing Kind have offers for 30 percent off everything, while Native Roots Dispensary is giving ounces — a large unit of measurement for recreational marijuana — for less than half the usual price.

“We’re definitely stacked, stocked and prepared for one of the busiest days in the industry,” said Tia Mattson, spokeswoman for Native Roots Dispensary, which has locations across the state, including Boulder and Longmont. “We have lots of products and staff for one of the largest days in the industry we see at the retail level.”

One of the perks of the holiday is not just the deals, Mattson said, but the humor that comes with them.

Mattson said that Native Roots has deals for four prerolled joints for $20 and mini joints where customers can buy one and a second for $4.20.

“All the marijuana people like to have some wee humor,” she said.

Native Roots isn’t alone. The Farm, on Iris Avenue in Boulder, is selling four grams for $20 and merchandise for $4.20.

But more than just sales, the day is an event for The Farm, said Andre Velez, community outreach specialist. The dispensary is having live music throughout the day, as well as live painters and a guest speaker.

“It’s a big day for sales and foot traffic,” Velez said. “We get a lot of people interested in what’s going on, both tourists and local.”

For Dylan Donaldson, owner of Karing Kind in Boulder, the day has been nonstop.

“People are excited for the holiday,” he said. “It’s just the culture of the holiday, we have a lot of sales and celebration on it.”

He added that even with recreational marijuana legalized, he felt 4/20 hasn’t lost its edge as a major holiday.

“There’s a lot of buzz,” he said, “a lot of fun and a lot of energy.”



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