Louisville’s city manager Malcolm Fleming to leave post

LOUISVILLE – Malcolm Fleming, Louisville’s city manager, will leave his position July 14, concluding a decade leading the fast-growing community in Boulder County.

The Louisville City Council announced Fleming’s pending departure in a press release late Tuesday night.

“Malcolm has been very effective throughout his tenure,” Louisville mayor Bob Muckle said.  “The City’s accomplishments over the past ten years are a reflection of Malcolm’s leadership. The City has been fortunate to have Malcolm working closely with City Council and managing our team of skilled and dedicated public servants. Malcolm provided the City with thoughtful and proactive leadership, and always placed Louisville’s interests first.”

Muckle said Fleming’s departure was arrived at mutually and was not the result of any specific disputes. The Colorado Hometown Weekly reported that Fleming’s departure comes just weeks after a performance review.

“Ten years is a good long time, the City has a great team in place, and I’m ready to pursue other challenges,” Fleming said in the press release. “Because we have a very ambitious work plan this year, I plan to work through mid-July to help facilitate a smooth transition. Between now and then, I will work with the City Council, the Management Team and all city staff to help keep things running smoothly and give Council time to work out how they want to select the new city manager.”

Deputy City Manager Heather Balser will assume Fleming’s duties upon his departure, with the City Council meeting soon to determine the process for recruitment of a new city manager.



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