Banking & Finance  April 18, 2017

Innosphere launches exclusive investor network

FORT COLLINS — Innosphere, a science and technology-focused incubator, is launching its first investor network.

The official investor network is meant to add value to the incubator, the companies that join it and Innosphere’s venture fund formed earlier this year.

After launching the venture fund, Innosphere CEO Mike Freeman started getting feedback that that there should be a formalized and organized network of accredited investors to whom startups in Innosphere could pitch.

Innosphere decided to form that network, and accredited investors can go on Innosphere’s website and apply to be a member.

“We’re really looking for people actively investing in tech startups,” Freeman told BizWest. “Innosphere does the upfront due-diligence, and they get access to highly vetted, screened companies.”

The Innosphere incubator in Fort Collins.

Investors that join the network will able to participate in exclusive, invitation-only quarterly meetings where the bioscience, digital-health, energy, advanced-materials and enterprise-software startups that Innosphere specializes in can pitch.

Only three to four companies will be able to pitch each time. Freeman said who pitches will be determined by which companies have the most traction at that point in time. Companies that are portfolio companies in the Innosphere fund will also get priority.

Looking ahead, Freeman said he sees the Innosphere investor network as bringing a stronger value proposition for his client companies.

“The process we go through to help companies raise money is very individualized,” he said. “A company gets introduced to an investor, but it can be a very time-consuming process for both. This creates a very significant efficiency. We’re helping companies know when they can pitch in multi-investor meetings, but they’re still getting one-on-one customized support for fundraising. And they’ll see their time to funding is shorter.”


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