A bartender uses the Arryved point-of-sale system. Arryved is designed for breweries, which often have customers moving throughout the space, and need access to payment and ordering from anywhere within the taproom, patio or restaurant.

Boulder brewery-tech startup gets $700,000 in equity funding

BOULDER — Arryved, a point-of-sale service catered toward breweries, recently secured $700,000 in private equity funding that will go to expanding their customer service and improving their platform.

Arryved — pronounced “arrived” — is a tech startup that specializes in catering a point-of-sale platform for breweries.

Having their own point-of-sale option can be key for breweries, Arryved CEO David Norman told BizWest, because of the way breweries are designed.

Unlike restaurants, where customers usually sit at their table and have their bill brought to them, or bars, where customers stay in one vicinity, breweries are designed to be more free-flowing. Customers might mill between a table in the taproom, sitting out on the porch, seeing how the beer is made or even going upstairs.

Norman said that Arryved wanted to create a point-of-sale system that embraced that customer mobility, and create a service that customers could add to their tab from wherever they are in the brewery to whoever might be able to serve them.

“We wanted to make something streamlined,” Norman said. “For the nature of how breweries are, people are very transient within the system. Instead of having a point of sale where you would have to transfer information between tables as customers move, we would make something that would be easy for any person to search and pick up a tab from anywhere.”

Norman said the Arryved system is ideal for breweries, food trucks and festivals because it can easily pull up payment information from multiple locations, whether it be the taproom, restaurant or outside. Arryved is working on a new version that allows payment information to switch between different vendors, as in between a brewery and the food truck outside it.

The $700,000 private investment comes from a combination of private equity investors, including its lead investor, the Foundry Group.

Norman said Arryved is putting that money into customer satisfaction, bringing on more staff in customer support.

Arryved is already used at breweries such as Avery Brewing Co. in Boulder, Left Hand Brewing in Longmont and Ratio Beer Works in Denver. Word of mouth has been key in spreading the word about Arryved. Norman added that Arryved plans to add several sites where it can be found over the next year.