FVC Americas partnering with DU to bring researchers’ ideas to market

DENVER— Fort Collins-based FVC Americas is partnering with the University of Denver to identify new ways to bring products to market and provide investment opportunities for faculty researchers at the university.

FVC Americas is a subsidiary of Future Venture Capital Co. Ltd., a venture-capital firm based in Japan.

FVC Americas, led by Denny Otsuga, president and CEO, said the company will work with researchers and entrepreneurs from various areas, including the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science and Project X-ITE. Details of FVC Americas investment will be determined later after project ideas are analyzed, according to a joint statement released Wednesday.

Otsuga and other executives from his team will be on the DU campus Friday, March 3, for a showcase featuring a variety of DU faculty members and their research. There will be presentations from startups at the University — Dream Face Technologies and Elephant Learning — as well as from researchers looking at analytical and atmospheric chemistry, unmanned systems and orthopedic biomechanics.

“The partnership with the University of Denver is the first official relationship FVCA is entering with a U.S. university, “Otsuga said. “We are eager to pursue the opportunities that are ahead of us and look forward to collaborating on various upcoming projects.”

Corinne Lengsfeld, DU’s associate provost for research, said the partnership to accelerate and advance the commercial viability of faculty innovations is transformational in how the university thinks about marketing and promoting intellectual property.

“Regardless of the final outcomes, we have made an important change in the culture at DU,” she said.

FVC America’s set up shop in Fort Collins in January.




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