Partnership will build butterfly house in Fort Collins

FORT COLLINS — The city of Fort Collins, the Gardens on Spring Creek and the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster announced Thursday they have formed a partnership to build a North American butterfly house in Fort Collins.

The butterfly house will be part of the Visitor’s Center at the Gardens on Spring Creek, 2145 Centre Ave. The house will be operated by the Butterfly Pavilion and Gardens on Spring Creek.

The 1,700-square -foot conservatory will house up to 400 free-flying North American butterflies with thousands of blooming flowers. The butterfly house is expected to open in 2019.

The Visitor’s Center completion project at The Gardens, which includes the butterfly house, will receive $2 million from the Community Capital Improvement Program, which voters passed in 2015. The cost of the Visitor’s Center completion, which includes a conservatory and the butterfly house, is $3 million, of which $1 million remains to be raised.

In addition to the butterfly house, the Visitor’s Center completion in 2019 includes a conservatory (year-round green space), expanded community meeting room, offices and a larger lobby.


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