Greeley ag-tech company DVM Systems exceeds $4M in private offerings

GREELEY — Ag-tech company DVM Systems LLC has raised more than $4 million in equity financing through Feb. 13, 2017, including three rounds that began in 2010.

The Greeley-based company develops automatic health- and breeding-monitoring systems for cows.

DVM’s system was engineered by Boulder-based Phase IV Engineering Inc. The Phase IV monitoring system automatically monitors each dairy cow’s temperature and identification every 15 minutes, analyzes the data and issues an alert if a cow is becoming ill or is soon to be calving. Data is transmitted to a farmer’s smart phone or any other smart device.

DVM’s chief executive, Kevin Wild, said the company is also rolling out a new use of the technology in the fall of 2017 to detect whether a cow is ready for breeding.

“It will use both temperature and activity from inside the cow to provide heat detection used for breeding in the dairy and beef industries,” Wild said.

DVM is the exclusive distributor of the Phase IV system. DVM is headquartered at 3115 35th Ave. in Greeley. The product is currently being exhibited at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif. 

This article was updated Feb. 14, 2017.