Monfort College of Business affiliates with High School of Business program

GREELEY — Students who complete the High School for Business curriculum offered through 82 high schools in 15 states, can enroll in the University of Northern Colorado’s Monfort School of Business with three hours of college credits under their belts.

The Monfort College of Business and the MBA Research and Curriculum, which developed High School for Business, recently signed an affiliation agreement that allows participating students the chance to get a head start on accumulating college credits.

Paul Bobrowski, dean of Monfort College of Business, said the partnership creates an opportunity for students throughout Colorado and across the nation.

“Students completing this very rigorous career-tech program can enter UNC with both academic credits and, of equal importance, a solid understanding of the career field they may choose to pursue,” Bobrowski said.

About 6,560 students are enrolled in the program nationwide. The program prepares students to excel in college business administration programs, such as those offered at UNC. Students dive into real projects via project-based learning — an educational method in which students learn concepts while completing projects that often involve collaboration with local businesses.