Envision Energy expands Boulder operations into Colorado Building

BOULDER — Envision Energy, a China-based maker of wind turbines and energy-management software, has moved its growing workforce in Boulder into the Colorado Building at 1919 14th St.

Envision opened its Globe Blade Innovation Center — focusing on research and development of aerodynamic improvements for wind-turbine blades — in Boulder in November 2015. It had been working out of the Regus co-working space in downtown Boulder.

Former Siemens engineer Kevin Standish is heading the office. He said the crew in Boulder is responsible for blade design, digital modeling and technology development. The team is comprised of specialists in the fields of aerodynamics, loads, structures, controls, and acoustics.  These are the primary disciplines critical to meeting the above responsibilities,” he said in an email.

Currently, there are 12 employees in Boulder. Standish’s team, however, is made up of 20 people, including six in Houston and two working remotely, he said.

“We are still growing and plan to add a few more by the end of the year. The office was built to accommodate 34 to start, and is easily expandable to 42 or more.”

Standish said Envision Energy chose Boulder because it is “considered the heart of the wind industry’s research and development in the United States, largely due in part to the presence of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and, more specifically, its branch dedicated to wind energy, the National Wind Technology Center.”

Standish said there is a strong talent pool in wind energy in the area because of present or former commercial employers such as Vestas, Siemens, Boulder Wind Power, RES Americas and many smaller companies and consulting agencies.

“There is also a large aerospace industry in the Denver and Boulder areas where many of the relevant disciplines have significant overlap,” he said.

In addition, he said universities and other national labs are involved in wind energy or indirectly relevant fields contributing to a strong knowledge and experience base in the area. He said the Denver/Boulder area is “a very attractive place to live, work and play. Life/work balance is an important and significant asset when recruiting the world’s top talents.”

Envision, based in Shanghai, is a privately held company with about 1,000 employees worldwide and roughly $2 billion in annual revenue. The company has about 7.5 gigawatts-worth of wind turbines in operation around the world. Envision has facilities in Silicon Valley, where the company has a Global Digital Innovation Lab, and in Houston, where it has a Digital Energy Research Center.