Potential for Hay Fires – Are You Adequately Covered?

Unfortunately, the agricultural industry has a heightened exposure to hay fires this time of year. As we move later into the summer months the temperatures become higher and we see less moisture. The grasses and weeds near farms and ranches begin to die and turn into a major fuel source for a fire. If you have hay or alfalfa stacked on your operations, are you adequately insured? It is recommended that you consult with your insurance agent to ensure you understand critical factors, such as:

-Total limit of hay coverage – What will it cost to replace at the time of loss?

-Stack limit – Some farm policies may limit you.

-What is the minimum distance required between stacks? Some policies require 100 or 200 feet.

-Can you manage your spread of risk by having multiple stacks around your operations; rather than having all of the exposure in a single stack?

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Brian Schiller, VP AgriBusiness