jobZology joins Galvanize community

FORT COLLINS — jobZology has signed an agreement to join the new Galvanize campus at 242 Linden St. in Fort Collins that is set to open Aug. 1.

“We were honored to be asked and jumped at the chance to take one of the premiere spaces for our company,” jobZology co-founder Eric Leftwich said in a prepared statement. “We are just thrilled to be here and to participate in the startup synergy in Fort Collins. To be seen as an important part of the mix in the process and to help new startups hire, grow and retain critical talent is an amazing opportunity.”

Fort Collins-based Blue Ocean Enterprises and Denver-based Galvanize announced in May 2014 their intent to open a Galvanize campus in Fort Collins. The space will be housed in the former Sunset Events Center, which Blue Ocean Enterprises acquired in early 2014 for $1.5 million.

Galvanize combines co-working space with startup incubation and a software-development school.

jobZology provides talent analytics and cultural assessments to help companies find the right employees.

“jobZology’s talent analytics and culture assessments become even more relevant for tech companies that are looking for people who will bring innovation and growth to their companies,” Travis Hevelone, jobZology’s chief executive, said in a statement.