Find solution for fracking’s wasted water

I am concerned with fracking. Not the drilling or the actual process of fracking; this issue will be worked out in court or the ballot box. I am concerned with the loss of water used in the process. We have a finite amount of moisture on our planet. Most of the worldwide uses of water allow for it to be returned to the “water cycle.” It means that water is used, cleaned and reused or allowed to evaporate and become rain again.

The contaminated water used in fracking is removed from the wells and taken somewhere to be pumped into the ground, never to be seen again. That is why they put (it) into the ground. It also means it is removed from the finite amount of usable water on the planet. This is wrong. Why should the drilling companies be allowed to take water, a limited resource, contaminate (it), then pump it into the ground?

A solution, I believe, can be found in either charging more for fracking water, making recycling a cost-saving option or mandating that all fracking liquid be recycled. Yes, it will cost more, but I believe the preservation of this limited resource justifies it.

Dick Griffith