Larimer County auctions H.C. Berger assets

FORT COLLINS — Two months after locking the doors, Larimer County officials auctioned off the supplies of H.C. Berger Brewing Co. to collect back taxes owed by the brewery.

Fermentor tanks, empty kegs and office supplies were sold to the highest bidder to raise the needed funds. Total proceeds from today’s auction were not reported as of 2 p.m. The Larimer County Assessor previously estimated the taxable value of the equipment at about $250,000.

In June, the county treasurer’s office seized the brewery to collect $78,880.49 in unpaid personal-property taxes. The county then gave owners Peter and Bob Davidoff 30 days to pay the lien or face auction.

According to Jackie Rose, a special deputy with the county treasurer’s office, the brewery owes taxes back to 1998 which were payable in 1999. The company also owes $21,000 to the Internal Revenue Service.

“Other financial issues prevented us from taking action for the taxes. Once avenues opened, we were able to enforce tax collection,” Rose said.

In the face of financial problems, the brewery filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in November 1999. Once the company emerged from bankruptcy, the county slapped the brewery with the tax lien and locked the doors.

Promats Real Estate Partners owns the building and is currently looking to lease the space, according to Ted Davis, one of the partners.

Still, Peter Davidoff is hopeful about the future of the company and the potential of reviving production.

“We have to let the legal dust settle a little bit before we can move to the next step,” Davidoff said.